Logic Puzzles For Kids – Parent Teacher Conference

As Julian walked to his classroom with his mom he saw Andrew, Mindy, Anna, Wendy and David with their parent waiting to see the teacher. The name of each of the student’s parent was Diane, Cindy, Ruby, Keith and Steven. Use the clues to figure out each child’s parent’s name and the order they arrived from first to last.
*Each child only came with one of their parent. (Either mom or dad)
1. Wendy and her dad came before Ruby and her son but after David.
2. Steven and his son came after Diane.
3. Mindy came after Andrew.

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Critical Thinking Worksheets – My Spelling Test

Robert, Keith, Tyler and Britney each had a different grade on their spelling test.  The scores were 95%, 97%, 80% and 85%.  Can you figure out what score did each person get?


  1. One of the boys had the lowest grade.
  2. Britney did better on the test than Judy, but did worst then Keith. 

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Critical Thinking Worksheets Logic Puzzles For Kids

Logic Puzzles – 09

Which Present Did You Buy?     


Eva, Danny, Jenny, Christine and Joseph each brought a different present (necklace, earrings, doll, cup and games) for Lisa’s birthday.  Find out what each person brought for Lisa’s birthday with the clues below.



  1. No one brought a present that start with the same letter as their names.
  2. On Tuesday a boy purchased a cup for Lisa’s birthday.
  3. Eva and Christine brought either the earrings or the games.
  4. Danny and Jenny brought Lisa’s present on Thursday, one of the present was a necklace.

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Critical Thinking Worksheets – May I Take Your Order?

Raymond, Jimmy and Amy order the Today’s Breakfast Special.  They want their eggs and side differently from each other.  Find out the combination each person order.

One ordered their eggs sunny side up, one ordered scrambled, and one ordered over easy.

For their side: one ordered bacon, one ordered ham and one ordered sausage.


  1. One of them wants his eggs over easy with bacon.
  2. Raymond likes his eggs scrambled.
  3. Amy does not like sausage.

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Today’s Critical Thinking Worksheets – Count My Change

These critical thinking worksheets are good for children grades 3 – 5.  Enjoy

Count My Change

Jonathon, Henry and Jane want to find out how much change they have in their pockets.  Let’s find out who has most with the clues.
One had 5 nickels & 6 dimes, one have 5 nickels and 5 dimes, and one have 3 nickels and 1 dime.


1. Jane has $0.50 more than Henry.

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Critical Thinking Worksheets – My Favorite Fruit

Critical Thinking Worksheets for children grade 3 – 5

Matthew, Elizabeth, Elaine and Alex each have a different favorite fruit
(watermelon, apples, grapes and pears).  Can you figure out each
person’s favorite fruit?


1. Elizabeth does not like apple.

2. Matthew loves the fruit with a thick rind.

3. Elaine’s favorite fruit has the same number of letters as her name.

To download this critical thinking worksheets with grid and answer key for your child to work on.  Visit critical thinking worksheets blog.